About Me

I was born in Gallarate, Italy in 1988 and raised there.
I have been working as an Advertising Graphic Designer and Photographer for 8 years now.

My introduction to photography dates back to my adolescence but the strong interest and passion for 35mm films and analogic photography were born and raised at a later time.
I never attended University or photography classes. I grew up as a pure self-educated photographer thanks to my dedication, my mistakes and all the thrown-away films.
My preference goes to the analogic photography because I definitely love the total absence of photo editing: the result is “dirtier” but much more “pure and true”.

Not all my photography projects have a specific purpose. Sometimes I like to let the viewer free to have his own personal interpretation without binding his ideas. On the contrary in some occasion I focus on a specific concept trying to stimulate the viewer to reflect upon.