About Me

Magazines and features:

LeMonde ( Le Gout du Monde – Genova 2024 )  

Summer of Something Special Vol.5 – 2023

Spotz NY ( PIX025 – PIX026 – PIX028 – 2023 )

Broad Magazine Reppink’s Selects Issue 2023 ) 

Spotz NY ( PIX023 – 2022 )

C-Head Mag ( 202220192016 )

Broad Magazine Ordinary Pleasure 2022 )

Booooooom Hindsight, 2021 

Ain’t Bad ( 2020 )

C41 Magazine ( 20192016 issue2 )

Bloom Publishing ( 2018 “OPEN”2015 “35ppm” )

I.P.F independent photo festival Melbourne 2016 )

Ignant ( 2016 )

Nailed Magazine ( 2016 )

Art Special Day ( 2015 )

Salad Days 2015 )

The Ones We Love Vol.1 ( 2015 )

Booooooom ( 2014 )

Aurora Zine ( Issue #4 & Issue #6 ) /

Pizza Digitale ( 2013 )


Selected exhibitions: 

The Ones We Love Vol.1 – 2015, group show at Viaduct Gallery in Des Moines – Iowa U.S.A / Atelier de Koekkoek in Vienna / Kuenstler Gallery in Brisbane

Bloom Publishing “35ppm” – 2015, group show at Tinning Street Gallery in Melbourne



Photography came into my life during my high school years, while I was immersed in other passions and thought I had no room for anything else. I accidentally started capturing what I was doing with a Yashica T4 roll camera that I was secretly borrowing from my father. At the time, I did not know that that black box would become so important to me.

Although digital photography was already very popular when I finished school, I fell in love with analogue and all the nuances that this type of photography can offer. I started collecting free copies of VICE and issues of PIG, and this helped me understand the kind of aesthetic I preferred and the direction I wanted to take.

Taking pictures has allowed me to expand a great curiosity in observing places and people by paying attention to their interpersonal relationships and to details that seemingly differentiate us from each other but which in the end perhaps confirm how profoundly we are all the same, fragile and vulnerable, bound to habits vices and objects with which we replace our lives and our homes, but above all, it made me realise how frightened I am of the passing of time, of memory loss and growing old, and especially of losing the people I love, so much so that I want to freeze certain moments to try not to let them fade away.