About Me

Magazines and features:  

Spotz NY (PIX023 – 2022) / C-Head Mag (202220192016) / Broad Magazine (2022 / Booooooom (Hindsight, 2021)  /  Ain’t Bad (2020) / C41 Magazine (20192016 issue2 / Bloom Publishing (2018 “OPEN”2015 “35ppm”) / I.P.F independent photo festival Melbourne (2016) / Ignant (2016) / Nailed Magazine (2016) / Art Special Day (2015) / Salad Days (2015) / The Ones We Love Vol.1 (2015) / Booooooom (2014)Aurora Zine (Issue #4 & Issue #6) / Pizza Digitale (2013)


Selected exhibitions: 

The Ones We Love Vol.1 – 2015, group show at Viaduct Gallery in Des Moines – Iowa U.S.A / Atelier de Koekkoek in Vienna / Kuenstler Gallery in Brisbane

Bloom Publishing “35ppm” – 2015, group show at Tinning Street Gallery in Melbourne



I was born in Gallarate in the 1988, a city located between Milan and the prealps of Varese, not a bad place to grow up. I have been working as Graphic Designer and Photographer for 12 years now.

My introduction to photography dates back to my adolescence but the strong interest and passion for 35mm films and analogic photography were born and raised at a later time. I never attended University or photography classes. I grew up as a pure self-educated photographer thanks to my dedication, my mistakes and all the thrown-away films.

My preference goes to the analogic photography because I definitely love the total absence of photo editing: the result is “dirtier” but much more “pure and true”.

The aim of my pictures is to provide a complete and personal exploration of environment that surrounds me focusing on places and people and analyzing connections and influences arising from the interplay of different religions, races, traditions and habits.